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RJ Naved, a Radio Jockey on the FM station Radio Mirchi 98. He also holds a position in the TELEVISION series and hosts Radio Mirchi Stations between 5 and 9 PM. He has been awarded many honors for his outstanding performance as an actor. His talent in apery is also well-known.

RJ Naved

Carrer of RJ Naved

RJ Naved started his career as a Customer Service Executive for a major mobile phone company. According to his previous projects, if a client gets annoyed, the phone will be given to him. He also portrays a 60-year-old man.

Full NameNaved Siddiqui
Profession/PassionRadio Jockey, Voice Over Artist
Height (about)in centimeters-168 Cmin meters1.68 m
Feet Inches5 Ft 6 in
Weight (approximately)in Kilograms- Around70 kg
in Pounds-154 lbs
Color of the EyeBlack
Color of hairBlack
Date of birth1. May 1976
Age as of 202145 Years Old (In 2021).
BirthplaceUttar Pradesh, India
Zodiac/Astrology signBull
HometownLucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
It is also known asRJ Naved
DebutRadio:2000, Year

RJ Naved Success Story

He moved from his home to Delhi to investigate the project and was offered a job in Airtel as a customer support representative. The phone would overhand at a client when he was really upset about one thing. At that point, the customer would show 60 years of age and he will automatically quit his job.

He is now on his quest to achieve excellence. Broadcast Mirchi coordinated the RJ quest 2000. Naved was the first to be ranked in the 3000 affordable. He began his radio Mirchi career at this point.

RJ NAVED Radio Mirchi

He started his project in 2000 with “Dr. Love”, a night program. But he soon moved into “Complete Filmi” which is broadcast on Mirchi. He started a night program called “Dusk Samosa” in 2007. It was also known as “Bumper to Bumper”. For this, he won the Absolute best Shimmer honor three times.

RJ NavedHe was also awarded the “Ideal DJ” award at 2015’s Golden Mic and the National Tv Award’s Most Effective Indian Icon Honor. MIRCHI MURGA was one of his many programs. He also organized Sundown Samosa and Dr. Love, as well as Overall Filmi. He presented many components on the show over the years, including Lift Prank and Girlfriend Prank.

He often pranks people via the telephone and calls them “Murga.” He also provides components that are always being truly remarkable in his pranks. Anyone who listens to his jokes will not be able to stop laughing.

He even played pranks with Bollywood stars like Twinkle Khanna and Ayushman Khuranna. He increases the focus of people towards him and makes a place in their hearts. This is how he became well-known. He is now known as RJ Naved by everyone. He is not only an entertainer, performer, Rj, Painter, and prank man. However, he is also an educator who instructs people by calling Mirchi FM 98.

He will sometimes speak out about the very serious problems that are actually occurring around our teams, such as teasing, acid assault, bias, religious misconceptions, political battles, and teasing. These videos may be available on his Youtube channel. It is not as easy as we think. We should be bold and determined to accomplish this feat in a demanding community where everyone is trying to do his best to stay as affordable as possible.

My Opinion About RJ Naved (I am Not Judging Him)

rj naved

RJ NavedHe is a legend. He excels and he gave the main reasons for people who have the ability to think. In this unrelaxed situation, he makes people’s lives easy. He offers the solution to all those who are actually unhappy with their lives.

We don’t know if there are many ups and downs in his life, but we do know that he has suffered. He is still trying to improve himself and to change the thinking of others who may not be able to see the benefits and side effects of his initiatives.

RJ Naved Education 

RJ Naved Khan, also known as DJ Naved, completes his early education at his local university. In one interview Naved stated that he learns English in the sixth standard (Class). He completes his level BBS

Briefed Bio About RJ NAved

RJ NavedHe is a Radio Jockey at Radio Mirchi 98.3. RJ Naved claims that his school had no roofing. He used to use marker feast slabs. From the sixth class, he began to learn English and also did his Undergraduate in Business Researches from Jamia. Naved is a successful individual today, but he had many issues with his life, his town lifestyle was in many difficulties and his financial health was also poor.

RJ NavedHe also worked during the task and returned home to install window curtain poles and other items. He used to do this work in all parts of Delhi and also took a motorbike to distribute the pole, which was quite difficult to transport. He earned just 2000 rupees during that period.

Naved was becoming more aware of Dubai each now and again. He was also impressed by the way people live there. Naved was then offered a peon job, where he would have to perform traits such as Xerox’s departure. He was also an agent at the Naved Electronics showroom, where he had to stand and function for approximately 11 hours.

Naved enjoyed simulating Hashi Mazars and people and loved to have fun with his friends while working. After some time, a person asked Naved for call facility work. She then began working in the third shift of Airtel’s call facility.

He thought his voice was heard by the people while he was working. Not long after, Airtel and Radio Mirchi did a radio round. Naved, who was also trying out, was also contacted by Naved to request a tryout. Naveed was not the only one who requested the task. 35000 more people applied for it, and after they found their skills, they were selected for the second round. After that, they were harassed in Mumbai, where they competed with 4 women as well as 2 children. Naved won the final round beating everyone. He was then given his first Dr. Passion by Radio Mirchi in which he was able to fix Passion Complications.

He then acquired “Complete Movie”, through which he had to do a film review. In the same show, he also reviewed the Titanic motion movie. The conversations between Jack and Chapariya are still recollected today. Naved is a social troll who likes to make close friends and fraternize in his spare time.

RJ Naved Strugle Story

Naved was also a part of the job and went home to deliver window curtains rods and other items. He used to do this all over Delhi, and also took a scooter to deliver the pole, which was quite difficult to transport. He had 2000 rupees to pay his salary back then.

Naved was actually learning about Dubai every now and again. He found it quite fascinating to live there and even considered working. Naved was also given a peon job, which required him to perform tasks such as Xerox’s departure. He was a salesperson at the Naved Electronics showroom, where he had to operate and stand for approximately 11 hours.

RJ NavedHe enjoyed greatly mimicking Hashi Mazar’s style and other people and also used to have a lot of fun laughing at his friends while operating. When she returned to her home, someone asked for a project in a telephone call center. After that, Naved started working at Airtel’s call center during the evenings.

RJ Naved Contact

Naved Never Naved Ever Posted his Contact Number Publicly, but you can contact him via his social media accounts

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/rjnaved/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/rjnaved

Twitter – https://twitter.com/mirchirjnaved


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RJ Naved Car Collection

  • BMW
  • Audi A4
  • Swift Dzire

RJ Naved Salary and Net Worth

RJ Naved SalaryHis monthly income is approximately 7 Lacks Indian rupees and his net worth is around 10 million.

RJ Naved Education 

RJ Naved Khan, also known as DJ Naved, completed his early education at his local Hometown school. In one interview Naved stated that he began to learn English in the 6th standard. He completes his BBS (Bachelor in Business Study).

RJ Naved Job

Before joining the radio Mirchi RJ Naved Khan Did the job in customer services leading a mobile company in India.

RJ Naved Instagram

RJ Naved is also very much active on Instagram and his fan following is increasing day by day here is RJ Naved Instagram Account

Fascinating facts

Q: Is RJ Naved Smoke legal?

Ans: I don’t know

Q: Does RJ Naved drink alcohol?

Ans: I don’t know

He moved to Delhi in search of a better job. At the beginning of his career, he started a job as a customer service representative for a reputed mobile company in India.

He participated in RJ Hunt’s 2000 show, won it, and created F.M Radio Mirchi.

He was also the host of “Sunset Samosa”, “Mirchi Munda”, “Dr. Love”, and “Total Family”.

The Final Word

This article will tell you all about who is RJ Naved?? AlsoRJ Naved Wiki Biography, RJNaved Salary Radio Mirchi WikYou can find out more about DJ Naved Khan by sharing this article with a friend. READ MORE.

RJ Naved Net worth

The estimated net worth of Rj Nada is more than 5 million INR

Q – Who’s RJ Naved, anyway?

RJ Naved, a Radio Jockey on the FM station Radio Mirchi 98.3. He also appears in the TELEVISION series and hosts Radio Mirchi Stations between 5 and 9 PM.

Q – RJ Naved age?

RJ Naved (in 2021) is 45 years old Date of birth1. May 1976

Q – Is RJ NAVED married?

Yes, RJ Naved has a wife and is the Father of 2 boys. His wife’s name is Shaista Khan

Q – How do I get in touch with RJ Naved

RJ Naved Never Naved Never Revealed his contact number publically, but You may contact him through his social media account Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/rjnaved/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/rjnaved
Twitter – https://twitter.com/mirchirjnaved
Email – info.rjnaved@gmail.com

Q – Who is RJ Naved’s Wife?

Shaista Khan

RJ Naved is a Muslim and a very theological man. RJ Naved’s girlfriend’s name is Shaista KhanThey have 2 boys, too.

Name of the RJ Naved team?

RJ Naved Khan Team is Radio Mirchi’s entire Employees or Members. You now know more about RJ Naved Khan and his team members at Radio Mirchi.

Q: How do I contact RJ Nadal for mirchi murga?

RJ Naved Never Known His Contact Number, But You Can Reach Him Through His Social Media Accounts
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/rjnaved/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/rjnaved
Twitter – https://twitter.com/mirchirjnaved

Q – What is the rj naved contact phone number?

RJ Naved Never Never Naved Never Posted his Contact Number Publicly. However, you can contact him via his social media accounts if you want to prank someone or make him’murga’.
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/rjnaved/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/rjnaved
Twitter – https://twitter.com/mirchirjnaved

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